The Bravery Bell

The Bravery Bell

For patients undergoing chemotherapy treatments at Princess Margaret Cancer Centre, the Bravery Bell is a beacon of hope. The bell is usually rung at the end of a patient's chemotherapy treatment, which is a challenging experience for people both physically and mentally. For those who have rung the Bravery Bell, it is always an emotional experience. It's also a moment for patients to come together with their families, friends and Cancer Centre staff and celebrate the end of one chapter in their cancer journeys. 

Donna McCullagh

Donna McCullagh spent 25 years as a nurse at The Princess Margaret before embarking on her own cancer journey. On the last day of her chemotherapy treatment for colon cancer, Donna rang the Bravery Bell. She describes her experience hearing patients ring the bell enthusiastically, while she was undergoing treatment, and feeling happy for those who had reached the end of a tough road. Donna passed away on September 28, 2016 at the age of 77. Her legacy lives on through the Bravery Bell.

Princess Margaret Cancer Centre

Princess Margaret Cancer Centre

At Princess Margaret Cancer Centre, personalized cancer medicine is at the heart of our vision: Conquer Cancer In Our Lifetime. This is an overarching whole-person approach to patient care. It’s about the right treatment for the right patient, at the right time.
Detecting cancers early leads to better outcomes. We have been discovering new biomarkers and developing new molecular imaging technology that can detect even the smallest cancers. We are also delivering new cancer therapies like immunotherapy to boost the immune system and combat the disease.



Stacey Brooks

Stacey Brooks was considered low risk for breast cancer for someone with no family history of cancer. When she heard her friend had been diagnosed with breast cancer, it led her to do a routine examination that would suddenly change her life.

Anthony Cella

Anthony Cella still gets emotional thinking about the moment he rang the Bravery Bell at The Princess Margaret. It meant the end of a mentally and physically challenging round of chemotherapy treatment and a bright future ahead.

Lauren Craig

In the fall of 2016, Lauren had graduated from university and was working full-time. But, in less than a week, the 23-year-old’s life was turned upside down when she noticed a large bump on her neck that would result in a diagnosis of Hodgkin’s lymphoma.

Anna Camille

For 29-year-old Anna Camille Tucci Patterson, learning she had ovarian cancer was a blow. But she says it wasn't nearly as hard as finding out the treatments she would undergo would mean she would never be able to get pregnant.


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